• NODIN Aviation AS General presentation

Download our product flyer: NODIN AVIATION March 2013 (PDF)

  • Shock and vibration damper, NT 620 Stretcher rack

Download our product flyer: NT 620/630 presentation (PDF)

  • MEDEVAC Stretcher (New)

Download our product flyer: Medevac stretcher (PDF)

Four folded stretcher with integrated harness design in accordance with STANAG 2040 and 3204. Part number: NT-820-MV1

  • casevakCASEVAC Kit

Download our product flyer: Casevac Kit 2 (PDF)

Casevac Kit. Comprised by the new field MEDEVAC stretcher and shock and vibration damped stretcher rack.

  • PTTSPatient Transport Support System (PTSS)

Download our product flyer: PTSS (PDF)

  • aerial evacuationAerial Evacuation, EASA approved role equipment

Download our product flyer: AE Consept 2 (PDF)

  • Tiltable stretcherTiltable Stretcher Stand

Download our product flyer: Tiltable Stretcher Stand (PDF)

The foldable properties of the TSS also enable the TSS to be well suited for easy transport into the field.

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