Troop seat integrated stretcher rack

troop seatRole equipment for helicopters and aircraft with troop seats.

With preinstalled brackets mounted to the troop seat frame and the existing roof anchoring point the stretcher rack can be erected
within two minute withouts removing the troop seats.

NSN: 6545-25-149-8813 and
NSN: 6545-25-149-8814 (aft and forward rack).

The troop seat integrated stretcher rack is developed to facilitate:

  • Rapid role change of aircraft and helicopters with troop seats
    into a CASEVAC / MEDEVAC unit.
  • Flexibility for the crew to set up the number of stretcher positions
    and seated positions needed for their specific mission.
  • Stretcher capacity without removing seats.
  • Low storage volume.
  • Stainless steel materials to obtain long service time.

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