Shock and Vibration Damped Stretcher Rack/CASEVAC (NT-620)

casevacMine shock and vibration damped stretcher support.
Reduces lethal mine shocks and agonizing vibrations down to an acceptable level.

The damper can fit several applications.

NSN: 6530-25-151-3596.

Stretcher rack based on the unique dampening features of the NT-620.

NT620The NODIN shock and vibration damped stretcher rack is developed to facilitate:

  • Rapid role change of troop transport vessels and vehicles into stretcher carrying CASEVAC or MEDEVAC units.
  • Safe and lenient transport of patients to avoid additional injury caused in transit and reduce stress caused by pain.
  • Spherical dampening to reduce the patient impact from jolts and shocks
    caused by off road, bad road conditions, mines or IEDs.
  • Start evacuation immediately after injury to increase the survivability of the injured.
  • Role equipment: Stretcher rack for three stretcher patients can be erected within a minute.
  • Reduces patient stress/pain due to reduced vibrations.
  • Reduces the effect of mine shocks. Simulated 40.000g in vehicle floor panel reduced to 3.9g in stretcher support.
  • NATO STANAG 2040 compliant.

Please go to “NAVAL SYSTEMS” to watch Demonstration video from a Norwegian Battle boat, SB90N, operated by the Norwegian Coastal Rangers.

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