Mine shock and vibration damped stretcher rack

Tomine shock dramatically reduce the impact on the patient from mine shocks,
IEDs and vibrations the NT-620 makes the difference.

Preferably suspended in the roof but the damper unit can also be successfully integrated in wall mounted brackets.

Roof mounted NT-620 dampers in an armoured ambulance to increase patient survivability and comfort.

Mine shocks are dramatically reduced. Simulations demonstrate that a 40.000g impact in the floor panel is reduced, for a roof mounted NT-620 stretcher rack, to 3,9g on the stretcher bracket and even less at the patient.

As the system dampens shocks in all directions, spherical, it is also ideal to reduce the impact from IEDs, roadside bombs. During off road transport it reduces  jolts and vibrations, facilitates a less painful evacuation for the patient and reduces the possibilities of increasing the injury.

  • Reduced impact on patient from mine shock, LED's and vibrations.
  • Increased Patient Comfort.
  • Reduced stress and complications.
  • NATO STANAG 2040 Compliant.
  • Easily adaptable to different vehicles and vessels.
  • Less pain, less stress, less complications and increased safety during evacuation.

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