NODIN Aviation AS

NODIN is a Norwegian company specialized in developing innovative MEDEVAC solutions for our customers.

Together with our customers, suppliers and partners we dedicate ourselves to find the best possible solution to the customer's need of CASEVAC and MEDEVAC equipment or concepts.

Our company motto:


Medical Evacuation - MEDEVAC

nodin-picMedical evacuation is a chain of activities to bring injured, ill or contagious persons from the scene of the accident or their location to the treating/specialist hospital.

Nodin Aviation assists our customers to create and keep a strong chain by developing specialized role equipment for CASEVAC and MEDEVAC.

Increased military operations abroad and increased terrorist activities as well as nature disasters requires preparedness, routines and equipment for casualty evacuation (CASEVAC), medical evacuation (MEDEVAC) and even mass casualty evacuation (MASSEVAC).
Interoperability, between nations and platforms (Land, Naval and Air) is crucial to increase capacity and support each other in saving lives.

Facilitating existing and present platforms to evacuate patients, by using ROLE Equipment is important in order to be able to act rapidly and with sufficient capacity.

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Gauteroedtveien 53, N-3154 Tolvsroed, Norway

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