casevakWith preinstalled anchoring points in roof and floor a troop or even a cargo transport vehicle or vessel can be converted to a CASEVAC/Forward Evacuation unit within a minute saving critical time in the effort of saving the life of wounded people.

NODIN MEDEVAC stretcher with shock and vibration damped stretcher supports.

The CASEVAC Kit comprises the NODIN MEDEVAC Stretcher, two web strap supports for the rear of the stretcher and two shock and vibration damped stretcher support for the head end of the stretcher.
The kit is packed in a bag. Total weight is approx 15kg/33lb.

The MEDEVAC stretcher has 5+2 point harness, fire retardant canvas and designed in accordance with NATO STANAG 2040 as well as NATO STANAG 3204.

The CASEVAC Kit can upon request be equipped with four shock and vibration damped stretcher supports.

  • Available evacuation capacity.
  • Enabling rapid evacuation.
  • Integrated patient securing harness.
  • Shock and vibration damped stretcher support.
  • Low weight and low volume.
  • NATO STANAG compliant.

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