NATO Stock Number: NSN-6530-25-160-2914

NATO STANAG 2040 and NATO STANAG 3204 AMD compliant stretcher.

Approved for use on board aircraft as well as vehicles and vessels. 5+2 point integrated harness.

Four folded with telescopic handles

.MEDEVAC stretcher designed in accordance to EASA requirements, with telescopic handles and 5+2 point integrated patient harness.

The NODIN NATO MEDEVAC Stretcher is designed and tested in accordance with NATO STANAG 2040 and NATO STANAG 3204 as well as applicable paragraphs in BS EN 1865.

It is designed with pinch free hinges and has 6 ea 12mm connecting holes for securing equipment to the stretcher. To avoid unintended collapse of stretcher during handling the traverses are firmly secured.

With integrated 5+2 point harness the patient is securely fastened during the transportation and can in worst case be hoisted vertically.

With the telescopic handles retracted the stretcher can fit within vehicles and helicopters with a length less than 2 meter. Four folded it can be stored in a number of 36 units per cubic meter.

  • law STANAG 2040
  • law STANAG 3204
  • Permanent fire retardant canvas.
  • Foldable with telescopic handles.
  • Integrated 5 + 2 point patient restraint harness.