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Patient Support System (PSS) for Tactical or Strategic evacuation and intrahospital transfer of patients.

The PSS is a Patient Transport Support System and is developed to facilitate:

  • Transport of critical patients in need of continuous monitoring and care during transport.
  • Role change of military vessels, vehicles or aircraft into a MEDEVAC unit.
  • Strapped to cargo anchoring points.
  • Necessary electromedical equipment and oxygen safely stored within the PSS.
  • Easy transport of a patient on the ground as the PSS is equipped with extendable/retractable undercarriage.
  • Role equipment; typically for Intra Hospital Transfer of patients.
  • Designed iaw NATO STANAG 2040 and 3204.
  • 60 kg payload of electromedical equipment including oxygen.
  • Low weight design.
  • Quick connection of NATO Stretchers.

Accessories for PSS

  • Equipment Fastening Straps
  • Flecible tables
  • IV-pole
  • Surgical light
  • Spot Light
  • Internal Battery Package
  • Arm-Rest for Surgical Operations
  • Patient Rain and Dust Cover
  • Docking Rack for Infusion Pumps
  • Various types of customized racks

PSS is designed to easily integrate a wide variety of medical devices, equipment and assistive technology.