SeaKing SAR helicopters doubled capacity with NODIN solution

With our Stretcher Rack System (P/N: NT-561) NSN-6545-25-149-8813 (Role equipment) installed in SeaKing SAR helicopters – we increased the capacity from 4 to a total of 6-8 patients!

  • This is without the removal of any troop seats, they remain in a/c.
  • The system eliminates scramble time! From the previous 20-25 minutes, it can with our system be done in just 2 minutes – without tooling.
  • And it gives the crew more space and the ability to adapt to a wider range of situations.
The troop seat integrated stretcher rack is developed to facilitate:
  • Rapid role change of aircraft and helicopters with troop seats into a CASEVAC / MEDEVAC unit.
  • Flexibility for the crew to set up the number of stretcher positions and seated positions needed for their specific mission.
  • Stretcher capacity without removing seats.
  • Low storage volume.
  • Stainless steel materials to obtain long service time

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